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Operation Showers of Appreciation

OSOA is a 501(c)3, non-profit tax-exempt organization, whose mission is to honor our military families in a unique way by showering them with gifts for their newborn babies, providing support during difficult times, and letting them know the many sacrifices of both the families and service members are appreciated.

OSOA does this by hosting and co-hosting large scale baby showers in honor of our local military and their families. We are a volunteer and donation based organization. All proceeds are evenly dispersed at our Annual Baby Showers.

OSOA assists enlisted military families E1-E8, and O1, Wounded Warriors and Veterans that are expecting new babies at our showers and offers assistance on the Command level to all other military families.

Showers are held throughout the year in support of our military and their families. OSOA assists military families from all branches of the Armed Forces to include National Guard and Active Reserve military families.


OSOA was established in 2006 by Kimberly Felshaw after being assisted by a local church in 2005. January 2005, the Felshaw’s were invited to attend a baby shower held by the South Shores Church located in Monarch Beach California, while her spouse served on active duty with the United States Marines. At this shower, they were assisted with everything they would need for the arrival and care for their first child Allysa. Shortly after the shower, their daughter Allysa arrived. She was six weeks early and diagnosed with a terminal disease called Trisomy 13 and lived for three short weeks. Members of the South Shores Church assisted the Felshaw’s by opening their hearts and hands to them in their time of need.

Their kindness and generosity inspired Kimberly to begin Operation Showers of Appreciation. OSOA assisted their 100th family in July 2008 and assisted their 200th family at their Annual Twenty-Nine Palms shower in 2009.

In July 2010, OSOA expanded their services to Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Bridgeport assisting 10 new and expecting military moms. This was the first annual event aboard this base and was a huge success due to donations by Lincoln Military Housing and the local Lions Club.

In 2011, OSOA branched into Nevada assisting more than 120 new and expecting military families.  With the support of the local community, this was our largest event to date.  Our goal is to continue our Nevada showers making them an annual event to support even more military families aboard Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada area.

In 2012, OSOA has been able to make huge jumps across the country with our first East Coast shower held in North Carolina assisting families stationed on or near Fort Bragg.  This shower was a great success allowing us to add additional showers in Colorado, Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada to our 2012 calendar.  We are happy to say that we have helped over 3500 military families to date and counting.

2013 was an unbelievable year for us with helping numerous families thru our military baby showers, emergency assistance and our unit assistance programs.  We had more twins this year at our military baby showers than ever.  We partnered with Baby Magic this year which was so exciting and all our expectant moms loved the product from them.

For the upcoming 2014 year, we will continue partnering with San Diego Spine and Rehab bringing more showers to the Southern California area in addition to our already scheduled annual events and be bringing a few new holiday programs to assist our military families.

OSOA is looking to expand our services to other states where military personnel may need our assistance across the country.  If you are interested in donating your time to assist military families in your area, contact us today to find out how you can become a Shower Coordinator.

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